My Gaming PC Build Sheet - ~300$ - Everyones opinion appreciated

Alright guys, so I put up a post the other day on here asking how to revive my old computers, and got tons of great help and finally decided to take the advice of not even bothering with my old computers...

Since then, Ive been looking over suggested hardware and other stuff I ran across on I wanted to make a second post to hopefully draw more people into the post and get even more peoples opinions. Research / get opinions twice - buy once.

My budget was about 250, but then seeing what I can get for a little extra cash, I figured i could push it to 300. Ive also got a 75$ Best Buy gift certificate from Xmas. (so total, 375 really, but only 300 out of my own pocket)

Heres where Im at..

Ive got a tower, CD/ DVD ROMs already.
Also have Windows XP Professional 32bit

60$ after MIB

Processors / Videocard
120$ after MIB

20$ after MIB

Hard Drive

Power Source
I figured ide use my Gift Certificate to get this, since everything else's price on newegg slams Best Buys prices

Here are the only two Best buy offers inside of my price range.


So thats it. I think / hope all of this stuff will work together? Ive never done this before so Im pretty much flying by the seat of my pants and going wherever people steer me. Thanks for any suggestions you guys can send my way.

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  1. if you can affort it a 4850 for $30 more like this one:

    would seriously boost yor pc.
  2. 64X2 7750BE with BioStar 790GX $150 4830 $95 - $15MIR 4GB
    DDR2 800 $45 - $25MIR (stuff you picked out) 320GB HD $54 (stuff you picked out)

    $345 - $40 MIR

    I really think the motherboard you picked out should be avoided, like really really.
    Either a 4830 or 9800GT ($80) are 2-3 times better than the 9600GT, please avoid.

    This changes will have a significant impact on your performance. Granted its $50 more, but you getting more than $50 in value.

    To be honest, I'd consider skipping the videocard now and use the onboard video (ATI 3300 isn't that bad) until you can get a little bit more money. This will easy the immediate budget. It will also allow you to get an after market cooler. Xigma $36 - $10. This cooler will be usable if you upgrade your CPU and probably carry onto the next AMD platform as well. If your uneasy about OCing read the tomshardware article.,2161.html
  3. The real reason for building this computer was to be able to play the original Counter-Strike 1.6 with my buddies on high settings. I really dont need a beasty videocard..and to be honest the one on the motherboard would probably do awesome for me. Could you guys suggest a video card in the 70 range thats good? The motherboard / processor combo plus the RAM and HD comes out to 249.

    If you suggest that motherboard is much better...ill definately go with it, but ide really like to keep this below 320.
  4. Oh, i didnt even notice the MIB you mentioned...that looks like its right in my pricerange.
  5. I have a 3300 onboard videocard on my laptop and it plays TF2 and CSS fine, let alone CS 1.6. 4670 $50 9800GT $80
  6. Thanks again for all the help you guys have given me in the past few days...
  7. The Asus brand is a better brand name and better support if you need it, but the BioStar has better onboard video, better OCing (ACC on the north bridge) and the option to crossfire if you go with an initial 4830, the 790GX chipset is newer.

    Its a toss up though. I
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