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Hi all,

I built my system about six months ago and have been running beautifully ever since. I just And went on a two week trip and decided to chug along this beast, as I really needed it over my laptop. I was very careful, no big bumps. It worked great while on vacation. But just now, upon returning home, it won't start.

When I hit the power button, it makes a quick sound, one of the non-cpu fans attempts to turn for about 1/10th of a turn, and all six phase lights briefly turn on and then immediatley turn off. Then nothing.

Any suggestions?

And I must throw this out there, although I feel stupid admitting it...while carrying everything inside unloading the van after this trip, I was working up a sweat. Then, as usual, the computer is the first thing to get attended to, while holding it and positioning it under the desk, ONE drop of sweat fell into the psu. Now, I highly doubt that it caused any problem, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

This problem reminds me of my original build when I was having a similar issue, and some posters commented that I should just check the wiring, make sure it is all correct, and try again. So I followed someone's advice to basically disconnect everything form MB and all power, and then reconnect it all...and it worked.

perhaps someone will suggest that again?

Please advise, and thanks in advance.
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  1. Open the case and check all the hardware cables for secure connection to the MB. Especially the SATA cables, but check every cable connected to the MB including fans. Also check RAM, PCI cards and video card for secure seating into the MB. One loose connector can cause the system to short out and shut down like that.
  2. Thanks. While you were typing that, I was actually finishing up what my first post (and basically yours) mentioned. I unplugged all cables, did my psu paper clip test, and plugged one thing in at a time. Bottom line, it is working.

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