How to OC an i7-920 to 4GHZ on ASRock X58 Extreme mobo

I have an i7-920 and an ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard. I wish to OC it to 4ghz, however when use the EZ OC settings on the mobo to 4ghz, it overheats on OCCT and BSOD. If anyone knows the custom settings for the mobo it would be greatly beneficial. Also my CPU is revision D0. Thanks.
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  1. OC must Step by Step, your target 4Ghz... :ange: , Update bios yet?...
    let see Bios : update using the ASRock Instant Flash application (Bios), The BIOS has your usual options for hardware monitoring etc. - updating the BIOS for memory compatibility and also for the extra performance tweaking features. update from support site your mobo .
    Update finished :
    SMART become OC TWEAKER, you can change Ratio, Vcore, QPI etc, :D
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