Windows 7 upgrade on SSD or full version?

I am looking into getting an SSD to install windows 7 on. I currently have XP on a HDD. Can I purchase the upgrade or do I need the full install version? Are there benefits to purchasing the full-version?

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    Save your money and buy the upgrade version. You can still do full (a.k.a. clean) installs with the upgrade versions. Regardless, don't just upgrade XP. Do a clean install and then migrate what you want to keep to your new, shiny Win 7 installation.
  2. Here's what you can do: Buy the upgrade copy-once you have your new drive in, boot from the upgrade disk and install like normal. However, do NOT enter the product key yet, just leave it blank and press next (also uncheck the box for automatic activation), finish installing like normal. Once the install is done, before you do anything else, boot to the desktop and put the disk back in, start the install again, but select the "upgrade" option, enter the product key when asked.

    This will give you a clean install from a blank drive, though should only be done if you had a previous version of windows on that computer before ;)
  3. Thanks for the detailed reposnse killa. My other question is: Will the family pack upgrade work the same?

    A side question: The upgrade says 3 PCs within a household. What if I wanted to split with my brother who does not live we me? Will they know the difference?
  4. As long as you will be retiring the XP OS when you install Windows 7 then you can purchase the upgrade version and still be in accordance with the licensing terms.

    You can install the upgrade version on the SSD even if it doesn't contain the old XP system - see:
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