Strange FPS behavior in Hitman Contracts

It's a 2004 game, so I would expect at least 30-40FPS minimum.

Intel Pentum D 2.8GHz
Nvidia 7300LE 256MB

I know the rig sucks, but the strange thing is, when I'm playing the Training section of the game, I average nearly 60FPS. It often touches 75. But in the missions, for some reason, I get an average of 27-28. I use EVGA Precision.
What can be the reason? The training section has is full share of shooting and action. Even in intense scenes, FPS don't go below 50. On the other hand, in missions, even when I'm standing still, I get ~28.
Vsync is off.

What can be the reason for this strange behavior?
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  1. Perhaps the Training session only loads textures up to a limited distance and/or has far less complex textures? I dunno, but it's possible the training session doesn't utilize the full effect(s) of the 3D-engine that the actual game does.

    For troubleshooting a particular game, I always find it best to check the game's support site.
  2. I'll try the game's support website, thanks.

    I found a videos of the training and the first mission.
    It isn't so detailed to cause a 50fps drop imo

  3. Hey Ankit

    I had the same setup about 2 years ago except that I had 7300GT. You are doing fine on Hitman Contracts. I was getting the same results then.

    Actually, the training mission is not that detailed(with all those dreamy looking textures and what not).
  4. Well, thanks for the help.
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