New homebullt comp wont stay on, go in to BIOS

Okay, a bit of a strange situation here. I bought and built the PC featured in Tom's article "System Builder Marathon: Sub-$2000 PC : System Builder Marathon: Mid Range System"

I put it all together, hooked everything up and turned it on. It turned on. However, it does not respond to the keyboard. In other words, hitting DEL does not get me to BIOS. I have one of those USB wireless keyboards, so I was thinking that that might be the problem. I tried a number of different USB ports, just for giggles, to avoid the trip back to my shop to get a hardwired keyboard.

Next, in the process of trying to get a keyboard response, the comp just shuts off. Turned it back on, it shut back off. Now it just turns on, then shuts off.

So, any thoughts as to what gives? As an aside, I was getting video. All due respect to Tom's, I have read lots of bad posts about this board, though nohting like I am seeing here. There's always bad posts about everything, but it seems excessive in this case. The board, in case you don't want to read the article, is the MSIp7n SLI Platinum. I went with the Q6600 processor.

I was all excited, and now I'm just annoyed. Any advice would be helpful; this is the first homemade PC I've done in about 8 years, so it's entirely possible I overlooked something. Thanx in adavance.

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  1. Try the keyboard with a PS/2 adapter and see if you can get into bios that way.

    Make sure that the keyboard is synced.

    If none of this works try to get a wired one and try it.
  2. Yeah, I thought about that. I guess my concern is now regarding the random shutting down of the system, moreso than the keyboard not functioning. Of course, the keyboard could be causing the shutdown. I don't have one of those PS2 adapters here, so a trip to the shop would be in order. I trew in my XP CD for giggles and it booted right up and went to install, but then the syetem just shut down after about a minute.

    I des occur to me that I am using a D-SUB - DVI converter to plug into the graphics card. Maybe that's the problem?
  3. It sounds like a thermal issue to me.
  4. Update: Water cooler was leaking! I went to check and make sure the graphics card was seated properly and it looked a little gooey. Turns out there was "antifreeze" leaking. It looks as though no major components got hit with liquid. I took out the radiator, etc and blew dry the MB. I guess it's a mircale it was starting at all. We'll know tomorrow if there is any permanent damage, I guess. Since it didn't explode, I am hopeful.
  5. Was curious as I don't use liquid cooling in my rig.....what is that antifreeze??? Is it etylene glycol or some sort of non conductive stuff?? Wonder if pure silicone oil would work, as I know it is totally non can immerse a computer in it and it will run happily alone no problems.
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