Phenom 9600 problem

Hello. My computer randomly does this, but last time it did I found some malware running and fixed it. this time however hijack this shows no problem programs running. Whats happening is my 4th core is locked at almost overall usage is between 30 and 45 and there is NOTHING running. my system idle process says 99% but CPU usage at the bottom again is like between 30 and 45. Im so confused. A hasty answer would be nice in case this is a potentially dangerous problem. Thanks

*Edit* When I reboot it goes away. Is this a hardware hic-up or do you think its windows related?
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  1. Task manager.

    See what is running.

    Or perhaps disable CnQ...

    God knows.
  2. What OS are you using ?

    Xp or Vista. 32 bit or 64 bit ?

    In any case seen this a few times before so your in luck.
    Type Msconfig in your search bar, click on it to run it.
    Go to Startup programs.

    In there you will see all the programs that run after windows is up and running.
    You will see there is a tick box on the left hand side.
    Go through all programs you do not wish to start when windows starts, and untick them.
    Then click on apply and restart your computer.

    Alt Ctrl and del.
    Check after it has booted up.
  3. XP 32 bit. Nothing running in msconfig...aside from services. I would see that in HijackThis. I left a rootkit scanner runing overnight, no rootkits either.

    So, no viruses, malware, rootkits, visible OR invisible running processes. Help =(
  4. I know Amd did a patch for Dual core cpu`s for windows xp.
    Do you have it installed ?
  5. Im almost positive I did. This is a very recent issue. Ive had this machine up and running for about a year with no problems.

    Here is my list of ideas as to what could be wrong, in order from what I hope most to hope least.

    1.)Bad windows install...something related to the OS itself. (Cause thats not an easy fix)
    2.) Bad Hard drive. (Im talking to you now from my other hard drive, so far no issues but it could still be windows related)
    3.)Bad motherboard. (Not often will my computer lock up and Ill have to reboot, but it could be because the motherboard I have is about fried)
    4.)Bad Processor. (GOD I hope not...)

    I have attempted many google searches involving "phenom 9600 4th core locking" with no results, so my guess is this isnt a problem a-typical with this it has to be something else. I feel this question is in need of a computer savvy fellow...Im a fairly capable tech and Im stumpped.

    Im running my other hard drive still...the problem is happening again. So, eliminate both Hard drive and windows problem...that leaves the 2 more serious ones...unless anyone knows any other tips...I fear that leaving the computer running like this is killing it...someone please help
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