How hot is too hot for a 8600GT?

Running crysis with a 8600GT, 3.1GHz Athlon 64x2, 3GB RAM, Win XP. Im getting temps mostly in the 65-70c range, but im just curious what a dangerous temp level would be, and are all GPU's the same in terms of resistance to heat? I assume some newer and pricer GPU's may have stronger designs to accommodate all the OC'ing (and subsequent case heat) that goes on these days.

the cooling elements in my case include the case's fan at the base, the PSU fan, CPU heatsink/fan, and a smallish expansion slot fan i picked up recently.
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  1. Where is the slot fan?
    If it is right next to it try to move it down one slot.
    Too close and it will take the air that should goto the video fan away from it.

    Your temps arent super high so you arent in danger but it would be good to get them down. My 8800 GTX runs at 55-60
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