GTX 460 HAWK is this Stable?

Hello, i just got my new GTX 460 HAWK today, it had 810 Mhz stock speed.
This is my first time overclocking graphic card so i have no idea what will increase my FPS if Core clock or Memory clock.
Oh well since i couldn't find a good guide i just did it by myself i have no idea if i had the proper configuration with kombustor or if i have the proper configuration with afterburner.
Should i raise/drop something? or change something in afterburner? I heard 15 mins is enough to see if a card is stable or not.

Btw, when i minimize kombustor i lag like ALOT is that normal?.

Heres the pic of the configs i used for Kombustor / Afterburner and CPU-Z

Thanks for the help

Edit: I idle at 35C and like 52C full load with kombustor
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  1. Load Temps are fine. Lagging isn't normal.
  2. Fetal said:
    Load Temps are fine. Lagging isn't normal.

    I shouldn't lag when i minimize kombustor? If i minimize i lag alot :/ but when its running normal i dont lag at all
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