Gigabyte UD3 & aftermarket cooler

I was looking to put an aftermarket cooler on my 1156, but the one I want looks pretty big, and I wanted to make sure it didn't block any of the RAM slots.

Tuniq 120 Extreme

Anyone know about this?
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  1. As long as you don't have ridiculously tall ram you'll be fine.
    The Tuniq 120 Extreme has very good base height clearance 47mm.
  2. So some Gskill ripjaws will be ok then? I think they have like 40-43mm height I've read in some places.
  3. Yep! Ripjaws are 41mm tall.
  4. Just curious, if I absolutely had to, would I be able to mod the heatsink on the ripjaws and take off the two taller 'teeth' on the end to make them fit if it came to that? Maybe even just saw them off, they're just sinks right?
  5. Since the base height of the cooler is 47mm i doubt it.
    Most people just slide the fan up.
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