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hi,please help me,my problem is very easy to solve for you guys,I have ASUS P5K MAINBOARD which has 4 slots for RAM,2 blue ones(channel A1,channel B1) and 2 black ones(channel A2,channel B2),currently I have installed a 2gig ocz with bus 800 on one slot,the first blue one from left(channel A1),and 3 slots is empty now,I want to add one 1gig ocz with bus 800,but I dont know where to put this new one,on the remained blue one(channel B1)?or on one of the black ones(channel A2 or channel B2)?Is there any different in which slot I put this 1gig?
and I have winxp32bit,and because of this,I must add 1 gig instead of 2 gig,I read it in the p5k motherboard user guide
and I dont know why one blue slot is next to one black slot,I mean 1 blue and next, 1 black,and here we have a short distance and again 1 blue and one black next to each other! why?why arent the blue ones next to each other?and also the black ones?

A1 A2 , B1 B2
blue black blue black
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  1. I would suggest that you install a second 2gb module identical to the one you already have.. In order to run in two channel mode, the configurations of each channel must be the same. Your mobo manual should describe where to install the second stick. I suspect that the sticks both go in the blue channels, but the color scheme is not a standard sith different motherboards.

    True, you will only be able to see about 3.5gb and not 4gb, but that is still better than just 3gb. Ram is cheap.
  2. Get another 2Gb module.

    Put it in the same slot color; read the manual to be sure it will enable dual channel if you'd like.
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