Thermal glue for the heatsink? I need it where to buy it?

Hello, my northbridge fan for the Nforce4-A939 Elitegroup motherboard is dead and I am trying to find a replacement fan but there's no such clip type of fan to buy for that motherboard.

I just found out that there's some sort of "thermal glue" I don't know the term for it. Basically, you don't need a clam or anything just glue the heatsink on the northbridge. That's it.

Anyone know where can I buy that and what it is called?
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  1. Those northbridge fans are usually 40mm. Cooltechpc has a fanless all copper unit for $13.99 plus shipping. If you have a clip for your old fan, save it. Newegg has arctic silver thermal adhesive for $6.99 plus shipping.
  2. Thanks alot. Didn't know there's adhesive type of thermal paste until today. Nice. Thanks guy
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