Intel or AMD

I'm planing to buy a new system and its either of the 2

a Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200

or an Athlon 64 X2 7750 (2.7G)/AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ / 2.7 GHz

can also suggest any cheap / mid stream motherboards with this 1 the ones with a on- board video card????

which is faster by the way used for gaming surfing and other stuff

i would include 2 gb of ram if i'm buying

pls. correct me if i'm wrong are ECS boards any good ???

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  1. I prefer you use an Asus motherboard. If you're getting the C2D E500, consider getting an Asus P5Q Pro if you're planning to overclock.
  2. At stock speeds the kuma is better with its 2.7 ghz frequency and l3 cache ,the e5200 overclocks fairly well however it does not like very high fsb's so you gotta know what u r doing, personally i would go with the kuma,am2+ mobos are also dirt cheap so u should be good to go and it over clocks pretty well too
  3. E5200 + the Gigabyte G31 is pretty sweet.
  4. E5200 and either an Asus or Gigabyte board.

    If you are planning on gaming, then onboard graphics wouldn't be enough the majority of the time.

    If you must use onboard graphics, it's worth getting an Nvidia board (for intel CPU) or an AMD (for AMD CPU) and make sure you check the charts!
  5. Well TBH its not worth the extra expense.

    Smahes all IGPs
  6. i acually suggest you get the new E6300 in the intel Pentium dual core range. its got a faster FSB (im pretty sure) and i higher clock speed, 2.5GHz E5200, 2.8GHz on the E6300, and i think you will ind its more overclockable. ermm, probably go with an asus or gigabyte. asus P5KPL - CM is good, but also there is a J&W board, the IP43 - S is very good, probably better then the asus one. it doesnt have onboard, but seriously, get a video card, its just SOOO much better.
  7. ^ Well the AMD Athlon II and Phenom II X2 lines are generally more competitive.

    I'd prefer you spend more money on an E7xxx Core 2.
  8. At $70 for the E5200 or $83 for the E6300, go with the E6300.
    G31 or G41 motherboards.
    Gigabyte G31 $53
    Gigabyte G41 $65

    workable combo deal $145

    Faster AMD processor and comparable motherboard
    PhenomII x2 550 $103
    Asrock 760G motherboard $55
    for $158

    So workable systems for $123 bottom price up to $158 top
  9. Athlon 64 X2 7750 would be better one... Why don'y you go for Intel C2Q6600.. prices have fallen down..
  10. I second the Phenom II 550. Its a good amount better than the E6300, it overclocks well, and theres always that chance that you can unlock the other two cores and you have a full blown X4 955.

    But I would suggest getting a AM3 board if you had the choice.
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