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Would a 160 or 320 GB HDD IDE work on a old Biostar biostar m7viq motherboard supporting ATA-133 HD
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  1. Yes, IDE drives will work on an ATA-133 board. Newer SATA drives will not.
  2. Tanx Hawkeye cuz the guy @ the Computer store wasn't 100% sure if it was gonna work when I asked him. I've always known older boards have alot of trouble with components that wasn't made for it back in it's days seeing that the board is from 2002 and the average HD was nowhere larger than 80GB
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    Any IDE drive can be connected and work on a mobo with an IDE port. BUT the question is whether you can use one larger than 137 GB. To do that you need a feature called "48-bit LBA Support" both in the HDD controller and in your Operating System. Most people (like you) are using the HDD controller built into the mobo and thus depend on the mobo BIOS to provide this feature. So you need to verify with Biostar Tech Support whether your machine has it. Before contacting them, watch your screen at start-up and note down what it shows for the BIOS version number. As far as your OS is concerned, you must have Win XP with at least Service Pack 1 installed, or a more recent OS, BEFORE you start installing the large HDD.

    If your mobo cannot support 48-bit LBA even with a BIOS update, you MUST use only the first 137 GB (M$ Windows calls this 128 GB) of HDD space, and NEVER try to use above that. I have a machine like that. I bought a 160 GB HDD from Seagate and used a unique feature of their drives, activated by a software utility from them called Seatools for DOS. I set the new HDD to believe it was only that 137 GB size, so it will never allow any access attempt above that. If you need this trick, read details on the Seagate website.
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  5. I don't mind only using the 128 Gigs (Windows) or the 137 Gigs that the Motherboard recognises because I don't want to take the risk of upgrading the bios.
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