How to resolve/repair the smart failure of western digital hard disk

I have just bought a computer second hand and am getting the following
message. I do not know exactly what it means or how to fix it so any
help would be greatly appreciated. The message is as follows.

Smart failure predicted on primary master WD 3200BEVT-24A23T0. PRESS f1 to continue. How it can be repair without removing them from laptop? Please assist me> My lenovo g550 laptop still running in warranty period.
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  1. The message is letting you know that the HDD is failing. There is nothing you can do to fix the HDD itself. You can replace the HDD or return for warranty service. If the laptop is covered, then initiate a service return with Lenovo. They will take care of it. If they won't you may be able to RMA the drive directly with the harddrive manufacturer. Good luck!
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