Do I need to reinstall windows for new mobo install

the motherboard I originally got for my PC was junk and proved to be nothing but a problem from the get go.

I am replacing my galaxy 740i with an XFX 780i SLI 2.0

I have had to reinstall windows 3 times already and i am now at the point where I have all the information I need on my hard disc and I really, really don't want to have to go and reinstall everything single game and program all over again

some of the games just barely installed because the discs were so scratched.

I have read around and everyone says that I will need to format and install
but the problems surrounding this are

1- All my data that I just got on here will have to be removed and I need to spend days getting everything back on it
2- I am using the Vista CD key from an old laptop and I am worried that I won't be able to activate it again
3- I have tons of software that I bought digitally that is activated to this computer and I don't want to lose it\

is there any way to save the programs, games, and CD key so it will work fine on the new install without any hicupps?
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  1. you can possibly uninstall the drivers and try to ghost the hard drive.
  2. yes.
  3. is there anything I can do to save as much data as possible
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