Do I really need a ssd?

Hey all.
OK I am thinking of getting a ssd and have this question.
Will I really see a performance increase over my velociraptor 150 gig?
I pretty much just play online games,world of warcraft being the main one. I use itunes and suff the net and that's pretty much about it. Also I was thinking of a getting a 60-80 gig one due to my raptor still having about 80 gigs of free space left.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You system will boot faster and generally be more responsive when using apps installed on the SSD (and not your other HDDs), but NO you don't need for what you are generally doing now. Also, when you look at the costs for SDDs vs. the massive (and fast) HDDs you can buy today for MUCH LESS, you might just want to get a new 1 to 2 TB HDD. Good luck!
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    simple answer NO. just get a 1TB HD. your system will be faster but it will not help you on your games that you play online.
  3. Even thought I have a couple SSDs, I agree with above.

    SSD speed up the boot/load speeds, but not the applications, and not online anything.

    Get a Seagate 7200.12 or Samsung F3 Spinpoint drive, 1TB or more.
  4. If you have a velociraptor you won't notice a huge increase. Wait for g3 intel (although I just read the anandtech article and I'm not impressed).

    Boot speed. Wake up speed. And noise. The three reasons to buy an SSD. Your computer probably boots in under 1 min already. Wake up is immediate with the ssd... nice. And, if you don't have any spinners the ssd is sweet and quiet. My htpc has a fanless video card so the ssd upgrade was huge. Now... just need a water cooled vid card in the desktop and.... silence.
  5. Awesome thanks so much guys!
    Guess I just saved some money :)
    Did I mention I love this site!
    (except for everytime I click on a news link I get hit with the buy stuff from hp,almost every link :( )
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