Xfx 5770 gpu overclock fails on asus m4a88td-v-evo motherboard

had this xfx 5770 gpu overclocked on msi 790xt-g45 to 950 and 1300 then i built an asus m4a88td-v-evo and installed xfx 5770 from msi board to asus board and now its not so overclockable/also on both boards the amd athlon2x4-635 is overclocked to 3.4 /1.4 volts also the msi is ddr2 and the asus is ddr3 1600 /any thoughts would be helpfull ./thanks
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  1. DISABLED VGA ONBOARD (IGP) on mobo m4a88td-v-evo via BIOS
  2. i have done that and now am going thru many other steps just seems to be a much better overclocker on the msi ddr2 board butt i am going to get this to overclock on the asus ddr3 its a pretty new board so not much info out now /should be a m2a88td forum
  3. anyone having xfx 5770 crashes and overclock problems ive found that disabling windows aero on desktop during gaming fixes almost all the problems /or download the latest amd fussion which does all that automatically /big improvement with fussion /hope this helps other 5770 users
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