What is a good Wireless Adapter?

I am so sick of trying to reconnect to the router with this stupid off brand Ralink. Please recommend a good wifi card!!!

I need something that will go about 20 feet and through about 5 walls.

Please Post.

THANX :wahoo:
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  1. "I need something that will go about 20 feet and through about 5 walls."

    That's the problem, not the Ralink.

    Having said that, my offbrand PCI card wireless adapter (Dynamode) cuts through as many walls and the router is about 30 feet away. I lose a lot of speed but the connection is reliable.

    One thing I have observed is that reception improves if I place the computer hard against the wall nearest the router's direction. In othe words dont leave the computer in the middle of the room.

    Antenna orientation is also important (both at router and adapter).

    Also try changing channels -- the frequencies work better or worse in different environments. Choose a channel 5 stops from strong neighbouring wifi systems.

    If no joy I think I would have a look at Netgear Rangemax products and equivalents from Linksys or D-Link -- but I suspect you need to replace the router as well as the adapter to get any benefit.

    I would recommend using PCI (desktop) or PCMCIA (laptop) cards rather than USB.
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