How to stop the bottlenecking?

this is my pc:
pentium 4 2.4
asus p4sd
1152 mb ram
4 sticks
512- cl 3
256-cl 2.5
256-cl 2.5 (running in dual channel with the other 256,both are the same)
geforce 6200
default core-350(oc 430)
default memory-532(for some reason it shows 266 in my pc,oc to 670,that means 335)
prower supply-240 watt compqa
the pc is the hp d530(dc577av)
and all the time the pc gets stuck
for example :
i just talk in the icq
and listen to music
it gets stuck
and when i play gta sa with the oc,on 1024x768,low,0 aa
i don't get more than 30-40 fps
and i got just before 9 mounths(when i buyed the 6200 agp)
i got about 60 fps on 1024x768 and 40-50 fps on 1280x1024
***i forgot to say that i may upgarde the cpu to 3.0 ghz cpu
will that solve the bottlenecking?
and if it wont completely solve the problem,please tell me how to solve it :)
thank you everyone

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  1. Time for a massive upgrade, AKA new machine.
  2. Not necessarily.

    The biggest issue I see is your ram. you have 512, 256 and 128 all running. Ram performs best when its running the same capacity, because in that point it will be running the same clock as well. If I put a ddr800, ddr 667 and a ddr333 in my machine, its going to have a hell of a time running just about anything. To the guy above me, you would be shocked at what older computers can do with a little regular maintence. We had a Slot-a 533mhz processor with 128mb of ram running XP as fast as a dual core with 4gb ram.

    As far as the low FPS, thats your video card. The only thing you can do in this case is upgrade. if you have a psu that has the 6-pin cables get an 8800gt...If your rich, get a 9800, but this is assuming you even have pci-x on your machine.

    First thing Id do is take out all your ram and check it over...look at its clock speed. Take the 2-256 modules and just soley run them...see if the locking up changes at all. If it doesn't then I'll concede to the fellow saying to get a new machine...yeah. Good luck!
  3. thank you for the help,in november i will get a new machine,i have a bar mitzva then(im jewish)
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