What is Prime 95?

I know what the idea is, but what is the use for it on overclocking? Where do I get a download of this software? More insight as to its existence would be nice as well.
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  1. you serious Dog, lol
  2. Yup. I know, I'm stupid. I just never looked into it because I haven't been overclocking lately.
  3. Ok just making sure your not messing around. Still confused as to why you can't google a download link. The use is somewhat over used in my opinion, people spend way too much time stress testing, but it has it's use in moderation.
  4. It can be downloaded all over, just google the thing.

    Purpose is to stress test the computer, push the cpu to 100% usage, your computer will eventually crash if not stable. It'll also give a good idea of max cpu temp but I've seen programs that can push my cpu to a higher temp.
  5. its a program that throws lots of codes to your cpu to see if it can handle it AFTER you have overclocked/messed with your bios. Atlease 8 hours, what was said in some website, of over clocking is recommended until you can actually call it a safe benchmark? good program too!
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