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i have a question i am going to upgrade from a 9800gtx+ superclocked to the gtx 285, now my power supply has only 1 pci express power cord and the card comes with 2x6 pin Power Connectors can i use the one express power cord from my power supply and use one 6 pin power connector, or do i half to use both 2x6 connectors
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  1. You probably need to connect both 6-pin connectors. See the manual.
    In the box there should be a 2 molex to 1 six pin connector. Use that for the missing 6-pin connector.
    What is the wattage of your power supply?
  2. Use only connectors marked PCI-E. Don't use any non labeled 6-pin connectors or differently labeled. They may be there for a different purpose.
  3. Confusing post is confusing :??:

    You will need to have both PCIe power plugs plugged in to use your new GPU.
    What is your current PSU?
    Please post the manufacturer, wattage and +12v amperage.
    It is possible that your old PSU will not be up for the task of powering a GTX 285...
  4. i ment the card comes with 2 molex connectors, my power supply has only 1 pci express connectors, i have a coolmax power supply it has triple 12V rails, total of 51 amps
  5. The power supply is fine.
    Use the PCI-e power connector from the power supply and this converter for the other connection:
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