Why isnt burning to my disk

wtf i downloaded visual studio 2010 off of dream spark and now its in the little popup with my recently downloaded *** when i double click it cyber link power2go pops up and says to disk and then 8x speed and then the burn button well i click that then check close when burn is finished

well the disk pops out soon there after and a pop up comes up and says some thing i forgot is finished do you want to burn to disk now

well wtf didnt i just burn to the disk?? and y does it ask me somthing like that after it ejects the disk

the disk is a sony -R (guy at best buy said these are better than +R for what im doing) 4.7g dvd
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  1. nvm i fixed it
  2. Grats! Good thing, 'cuz we would have needed you to come back and fix the question, too.
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