1kw or 850w PSU?

Hi all

I have a bit of a dilemma, I am torn between 3 different power supplies. The first is a CoolerMaster 1000W Real Power M1000, the second is the CoolerMaster Real Power 850W and the third is the Enermax Galaxy EGX1000EWL 1000W PSU. I am at the moment running 2 x GTX 260’s in SLI on a 700W unbranded PSU. There are only 2 x PCI-E connectors on this PSU and I have to use 2 adapters utilising 4 Molex connections to power the second card. I gather this is not an ideal setup, which is why I am looking to get a more substantial power supply. I may, in the future, want to add another 260 to the equation. Ok what have I got in my little tin box?

Motherboard ASUS Striker II Formula 780i
Processor Intel E8600 3.33GHz @ 4GHz stable
Heatsink Thermaltake Big Typhoon V
Graphics 2 x GTX 260 in SLI (not heavily over clocked)
Ram 3 x 1GB OCZ Reaper 1066MHz
Hard Drive 2 x Maxtor 250GB 8mb cache 7200
Optical Sony DVD/RW
Optical LG Blu-Ray/HD DVD Combo
Sound Creative Xfi Audio Extreme Soundcard
Sound Bose Companion 3 Series II Speakers
Monitor 23” Samsung SyncMaster 2333sw Full HD

If I have missed any component please ask

So which power supply would you choose?

Many thanks as always
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  1. Id go with 1000w for 3 way sli.
  2. Which one though? Coolermaster or Enermax?

  3. Bugger! The Enermax has now gone so I am left with either the 1KW or 850W Coolermasters...........unless anyone else can let me know some other good branded power supplies?

  4. Not to worry! I went with the 1KW Coolermaster as I had to make an on the spot decision or I coild have lost it...........hope I did the right thing!
  5. I think you did the right thing, coolermaster is Great, never ever had a problem with them.
  6. thats good to know, thanks
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