SSD on the brink of complete failure? Or something else?

Hello, I started having some system stability problems, which seem to be generating a lot of ATAPI errors in the System event log, and which eventually leads to a blue screen and then my drive is undetected when booting. Using Windows 7 Ultimate, I go into repair and the drive doesn't show up. Until I shut down for a while ... then magically, the drive is detected again. Now, I am thinking overheating might be the issue, but why now. It's been at least 8 months with this new drive, and it's a lot cooler in my room than it was 2-3 months ago. Anyone see this combination of behaviours and have advice?
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  1. Check the connections from mobo to SSD; power & SATA cables.

    SSD shouldn't be "overheating" as they generate almost no heat.
  2. I agree with foscooter. Reseat all the cables, and if that doesn't solve the problem then try different cables and a different SATA port. If none of that works, then you can start suspecting the drive.
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