Zalman 9700 NT Installation in Case

Hey There, I just have a simple question. Part of the question I believe I know the answer to but there is something that I'm not so sure of which is why i've decided to post here.

I have a Antec Nine Hundre Case with a Zalman 9700NT hsf on a Q9550. I think I've just installed the zalman hsf the wrong way. By that I mean, the Fan on the HSF should be directed towards my memory sticks and not directly beside the Fan that sits in the back of the Antec Nine Hundred ? I've looked at images from google on how the 9700 should be installed and that's when I realised I had it on the wrong way. So my question is.. if I had the fan facing the wrong way, Am I susceptible to damage or excess in heat for the cpu ? Or am I somewhat in the clear ?.

Before this pc of mine I had a 9700LED installed in the same, wrong direction on a duo core for about a year and the cpu never over heated or anything like that. If I decided to change it and put it facing the right direction, would I have to remove the thermal paste that I just installed and booted the pc up with or can I leave it as is with just swiching the zalman 180 degrees ?

Thanks a bunch.
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  1. Ohhh I don't know how I missed that. Thank you!
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