4890 what do expect

Hi Guys
I recently brought a new system
Phenom II TripleCore 720 2.8 6mb cache Boxed Socket AM3 - Black Edition
Enterprise NCQ 500GB 32mb 7200rpm
Corsair VX550 Single 12V
3 x1 (1gig x3) ddr2 667) this old ram from my other pc
Now im just wondering what type of Fps i should be looking at ive uploaded screen shots of my drivers and system info and also driver settings
and also downloading Catalyst 9.4 as i speak i wil test that out






i just wana know are my settings right and if not what should i change and also is my ram causing it being ddr-667 and not ddr2-1066
i will by 4-8 gig 1066 soon but yeah just wondering

with Catalyst 9.4 and water quality lowered 2 high i got 43 fps
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  1. I thing that the GTV4 benchmark 38.73fps(at this settings) is low you sued get at list 10fps more. Or maybe your Phenom II TripleCore 720 2.8 holed you card back.
  2. i was told my cpu would let the beast unleashed
  3. got to unleash the beat
  4. What system did expreview use for the benchmark run? GTA IV is heavily dependant on the CPU and good though it is, the PII wo n`t match a fast i7 rig in this game.
    Do n`t worry about the memory (see the article on Toms front page) 4Gb of 1066 Rams is n`t going to give you more than a few FPS over 4Gb of 667 RAM, despite the seemingly large performance difference.
  5. Intel Core 2 QX9650 oc 400mhz x10(EIST/C1E off)
    assus maximum II formula (BIOS 1901| 12/17 2008)
    radon 4890 1 gig 750 core 3.6 mem GDDR5
    mem DDR2 -800 2 gig x2 =4 gig
  6. Ah.
    I think we`ve found your missing FPS.
    There`s no way a PII is going to match that QX9650 at 3.4GHz, especially on a CPU hungry game like GTA IV.
    I tend to play mainly FPS games and find that turning shadows low or off gives a big boost to framerates and perhaps the water details could be turned down too.
  7. its just i get playable fps but i lag lol eg 45 fps and stuff but i lag
  8. should i start to look at over-clocking my cpu?
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