12Gb pack vs 2 x 6Gb packs

I know this may be a silly question, but would there be any difference at all installing a 12 Gb RAM pack (6x2Gb) versus installing 2 x 6Gb packs (3x2Gb)?

I assume it would be fine, but I'd like to make sure before I buy.
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    No difference. Might want to consider making sure you actually need 12 gigs though. Would be overkill for 95% of people.
  2. Oh I don't NEED the 12 Gigs.. I do want it to be overkill. I'm building a rig that won't require much in the way of upgrading for the next 5 years.

    Thank you though, I wasn't sure if there was something special with the 12Gb packs that allow the sticks to talk better than if you had 2 6Gb packs.
  3. i don't think they are going to make 6gb sticks, usually they stick to powers of 2, though if you found one, link please

    the only large pack for DDR3 i have found is 3x8GB (it was server memory)
  4. not 6Gb sticks, 6Gb packs (usually 3x2Gb sticks)
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