How easy is OCing RAM to its potential

Hello all

Ive never over clocked anything before, but i thought id give it a go so im starting off small. I thought id try to just adjust my RAM so that its works to its potential but not push it. Heres a list of what ive got.

Intel i5 750@2.67ghz
ASUS p7p55d motherboard
8GB of corsair XMS3 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit - 2 sets of this CMX4GX3M2A1600C9

Reading up in the ASUS manual and its says my cpu will only accept 1333 frequency with a gpu of 2.66G. To use higher frequency i have to enable DRAM O.C PPROFILE in the BIOS. that seems easy. I went into BIOS and switch it to DOCP and it asked if i wanted to keep the voltage the same or let the RAM set itself to what it reccomends. I let it chose for itself because i didnt know what to do there. When it rebooted i got a desk top as normal but my mouse was a bit frozen and the timeclock thing as a pointer was spinning. Nothing else happened so i shut down in case it was doing harm.

Have i missed something? All i want to do is get my RAM working to the 1600MHZ that it can do. I dont want to push it beyond that.

Also am i wasting my time, will the extra 267mhz make a lot of difference to my set up. Im doing lots of rendering and 3d cad work so want to get things running a bit smoother.

Thanks if you can advise me.

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  1. You'd be better off performance wise overclocking the chip, not the ram :), especially if your rendering a lot, push that to 3.4GHz and see the difference,1.html
    was one I googled up, theres lots more though
  2. Ive just red the article and is perfect for me. Thank you very much. Ive just adjusted my base clock to 166 and the dramm to 1600 but left the cpu for a minute. my ram is now working at its full 1600mhz. Ran a quick test and it reduced a render time from 8hrs to 6 hrs. but the temps have risen on average 10 degress at idle and 15 at load. max temp it got to was 81 on the cores. Im waiting for my new swiftech water cooler to turn up so i'll leave the CPU till them i think.

    All in all many thanks moto , great help.
  3. Glad to help man,
    and yes, if you have some watercooling kit coming, get that settled in first before you start overclocking, temps want to be below 60 at load as a guide, lower is always better though :)
    as you've found though, a little cpu tweak has put your ram up to where you'd like it to be.
    Happy clocking mate,
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