What is One Long Beep After another one (video problem)?

The onboard video card does not work, so i had to buy one and put it on a VGA slot. It was working fine until a friend of mine cleaned it, the video card stopped working then.

By that time, i was not getting any beeps at all (not posting).

I took the motherboard out and clean it and tried it without RAM, hard drive, modem card etc., and now i am getting one very long beep after another long beep.

if put the RAM memory however, i don't get no beeps at all. And still, i am not able to see anything on my monitor.

What could the problem may be?
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  1. What did you clean it with?
  2. You don't mention what motherboard you have..... but a board with the Award BIOS, many long beeps indicate a video problem.

    Try booting with just CPU and heatsink, one stick of memory and the Video card. Nothing else plugged in. Pull and reseat the Video card your using first.

    Let us know what ya get....
  3. ok man, but how do i know what type of motherboard i have?
  4. Is it a prebuilt system??? Gateway, Compaq etc. Or a home or shop built system???

    Prebuilt.... Brand and model number, preferably from a label on unit and not just what it says on the front.

    Home or shop built.... look at the motherboard and see what name or model info is printed directly on the board or on a label.

    Here's an example on a Gigabyte board, sorry for the crappy picture but it's what I had to start with.

    Click picture for a larger image.
  5. No power on the video card results to long beep....
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