Hyper Transfer Error - GFX Card issue

Hi Guys,

After using this website without registering for the past few years, :non: I finally came to a problem where no one has an answer too.

I searched the forum (and google of course) to find out what might be my issue. I found a few threads about this but none completely related to my issue.

Problem: I am currently running Windows XP (32-bit, working on my upgrade back to 7 X64). Every time I run my computer with my graphics card installed I get the 'Hyper Transfer Sync Flood' error. As soon as I remove the graphics card and use onboard video the problem goes away. Most people tell me this problem is due to voltage to the RAM but in this case it has something to do with my GFX card. I've tried tweaking just about every voltage setting in my BIOS with no success. Motherboard is brand new, GFX is kind of old. This setup has worked before and after I formatted and started over I started getting these errors. I'm just looking for something to try while I wait for my Windows 7 upgrade to get back in my hands. Thanks for reading, and hopefully you can help me, and others with this problem.

Biostar 880G+
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
8 GB DDR3 @ 1600 (currently only 4GB cause of XP install)
Radeon HD 4770
600W PSU
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  1. Did you try different RAM sticks, taking out some RAM sticks, trying a different video card, trying the video card in a different PC? When you re-built the system, did you get all the chipset drivers? Try a new BIOS?
  2. I've tried using different sticks of ram, in different slots. The lowest stick of ram I have is 4gb though and one in either slot doesnt help. I'm going to try to upgrade bios tonight. Can you update bios with a CD or is it only USB and floppy disk? (I don't have a floppy drive).

    I have all my chipset drivers off the Biostar cd and updated them all. thanks for your reply
  3. Depends on the system, most vendors offer CD as well as Windows utilities to flash BIOS.
  4. Alright, I'll check for a Biostar utility. So far all I've found on their site is the actual bios file and its up to you to find a way to apply it.

    I'm not really to confident on updating BIOS manually either. I've only done it once.

    I have a Sapphire 6850 in the mail on the way (should be here Monday). I'll see if that works and if it doesnt I'm gonna have to update the BIOS and see if that works.

    thanks a lot
  5. Also try the card in another PC to rule out any issues with that.
  6. Well, I'm in deep trouble... Tried using the biostar utility to update bios... got a black screen for over half an hour, tried restarting.

    Now windows hangs at the load screen and using windows setup cd it can't detect any of my harddrives. BIOS detects them but not windows set up. Bunch of *** going wrong now. Set my USB drives to emulate a floppy and tried booting off my usb drive with BIOS file on it. doesn't work when I press F6 to bio-unlock just skips to XP setup. Doesn't work when I press F6 in setup to load drivers either... I AM F(((CKED


    Flashed the BIOS via USB to the previous version. Windows starts in safe mode now, trying to load normally now. For the past few weeks I have been trying to install Windows 7. I bought the download from their online store and it has always worked. Said I can't perform an update from XP so I have to do fresh install. I've burned the .iso to numerous DVD+ discs at x4 speed using imageburn and the windows burning tool. Everytime I put the CD in tells me 'Cannot boot from CD: Code 5' I do not get what went wrong with this system it was running stable for 6+ months.


    Windows XP is now running. I am running the Windows 7 dvd I burned in windows xp and not from boot. Setup is installing but I will probably get the same error I've been getting. (Will post a different thread) I am still not sure about the graphics card problem. Is there anyway to increase voltage to the PCI-e slot? Is that NB or SB? I have no clue when it comes to motherboards... I am trying to find someone with a computer that can test it out. No one I know has a gaming computer with a power supply suitable for it.
  7. Instead of using the x64 download I got from Microsoft I downloaded a torrent of 32 bit ultimate. I burned it to a dvd, installed successfuly. Still was having the gfx card error so I seated the only stick of RAM into the second slot. BINGO! 7 boots with gfx card installed, now updating to X64 Pro. Must have been a combination of XP and RAM. I swear I've never had more bs with one problem, now I try this and it works so easy... ugh!

    Thanks again 9 for your professional advice.

  8. Okay turns out thats not what it was. I still ended up getting the error everytime I installed catalyst drivers... Everytime I installed I would get the flood error. This time I was at whits end and just went into the BIOS one more time... Went to the Hyper Transport Configuration (had been there before) and just picked random values. 1ghz and x16 were the two values. Fired it up and everything works perfectly!

    I feel like such a dumbass coming to the forums with problems and then solving them myself but this really was the most painful process I have ever been through. I still have a pirated copy of Win7 Ulitmate now instead of the downloaded version of Pro that I bought but oh well....
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