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I'm trying to install an SATA DVD RW drive into my system but am having a problem. Bios detects it, but when I try to boot into windows 7, the computer stalls after it goes through all of the bios messages right before the "Starting WIndows" text should come up. Instead I get a black screen. I have to reboot then. If I do not have the drive connected, I can get into windows like normal. I think the computer is trying to boot off of the DVD drive instead of the hard drive (also SATA btw). I've changed the boot sequence and disabled all drives from it except the hard drive. I've changed the SATA port for the DVD drive. I've disabled the other onboard controllers. Flashed the bios... Checked all the cables and cords several times ( I even swapped out the cables for the hard drive... still did not work). I even unplugged the printer, which caused a similar problem for someone on another forum.

Does anyone have any more ideas or could it be that the dvd drive is not compatible with my motherboard? Or maybe the drive is DOA?

I have an MSI NEO2-fr motherboard and and trying to install an ASUS DVD-RW drive.

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  1. Do you have access to another SATA optical drive that you could swap to isolate the problem? Really does sound like a defective DVD RW. Once you connect the SATA and power cables, you are pretty done with setting them up. Really nothing to tweak or adjust. Good luck!
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