Overclocking memory clock with ram speed, does anything?

was playing l4d2 with some guy a while back and he was bragging about his rig and O'Cing and what not i have heard it all a thousand times before until one thing he mentioned caught my attention(lol) he said that he overclocked his 5870 memory clock to 1333 so it would be at the same speed as his 1333 ram and i had never heard of this before and cant find anything on google about it and wanted to know if anybody has done this, thinks it would be a good idea to try, or thinks the dude is full of crap

i already have an asus rog matrix 5870 and am going to pass it along to me next ddr3 rig i plan on getting 12gigs of 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 corsair dominator, OCing my cards memory clock to 1600 seems to high for skill level would underclocking the ram to 1333 and ocing my g-card be worth it?
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    What are you trying to match VRAM speeds with your system RAM!? They don't have to match at all and are completly different. I have (kinda slow I know) 800MHz DDR2 system RAM, but overclocked GDDR3 VRAM to 1492MHz. It makes no difference whether your GPU RAM is the same as your system RAM. Your mate sounds like he has no idea what he's doing in all honesty.
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  3. Thanks for the BA :]
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