New Hitachi 7K2000's raw rear error rate issue

I just got 3 x 7K2000's and one died after 6 hours use and is being RMA'd and the other two are giving me odd readings. When they have been idling for a while the Raw read error rate data value increases and the current and worse figures change from 100 100 16 0 to 99 99 16 and a variable data value. But if I start a sector scan in HD Tune (I also use CrystalDiskInfo too so it's not just HD Tune) the values reset themselves to 100 100 16 0.

Any idea what is going on? Can I safely ignore this?
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  1. OK I ran Hitachi's drive fitness test and a quick scan shows problems on both drives with corruption. I am doing a full reformat on one drive as I type and will rerun the drive test afterwards. It's not looking good right now.
  2. Post your SMART values here if you want us to have a look at them.
  3. I can't at the moment. After a FULL reformat Hitachi's boot CD tool reports the drives as having corrupted sectors on a quick scan. I chose the option to repair the sectors rather than an erase. Bad idea? I was hoping it would be faster than an erase. I also have a 1TB Hitachi in the same setup and the diagnostic tool says it's perfectly fine.

    I have also swapped some rails and splitters about and put those two drives on a single rail which only has SATA power connectors on it. Plus I have changed all the SATA cables for new latched cables. No difference. it still reported the drive errors. So currently it's doing a repair on one drive and I will see what it reports afterwards. Not happy. :(
  4. Is there any reason it would have an issue with SATA IDE mode? I ask this because I have my Asus P5Q Premium motherboard set to SATA IDE instead of AHCI. Can running it in IDE mode instead of AHCI cause these types of problem?
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    No. You should do a zero-write on the entire disk.

    I suggest UBCD or Ultimate Boot CD; it has all the utilities you need. MagicParted may also be suitable, if you want a GUI partition editor.

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  7. Got a refund authorized. Going with Samsung F4 EcoGreen's.
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