Im just wondering if anybody else has had the blue screen STOP ERROR while playing on a Steam game it usually happens in DOD source but other times i get HL2.exe not responding with other steam related games. I have been overclocking just tinkering and my system is running at stocks now. I have been using OCZ 7-7-7 blah blah 1333 memory with TARGET 1333 CL9 BIOS set at auto.(8GB in total) + ive changed from ATI to NVIDIA GFX card. Has win 7 registry corrupted and causing me these problems? In event viewer i opened the application log it links to a steam folder when the problem occours.

I am just using OCZ 4GB running at 7 timings at 1066 i haven't manually set anything yet just running on auto my latest blue screen was this morning. I know to get the OCZ running at 1333 i need to adjust the voltage to 1.65V. Voltage is set at AUTO at the moment. Motherboard is a used ASUS M785 td-evo i brought off ebay but i think in general the problem is a software problem but im not sure
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  1. Anybody think i might need to reinstall windows 7 down to a driver error. Just this minute playing DOD screen froze and had the message HL2.exe stopped working.
  2. It's most likely a ram issue.
    I would take the time to set-up the ram to vendors specs in bios.
    I would also check your gpu drivers.
    Download and install Driversweeper.
    In Add/Remove get rid of all ATI/Nvidia graphics programs.
    Run Driversweeper in safemode
    Analyse and clean Ati/Nvidia Display
    Restart normal
    Install latest gpu drivers
    Depending on how many games you have on Steam you could also dump it and re-install everything.
  3. I've gone for a total reinstall on a clean partition signs dont look too good. After installing all drivers and kaspersky i come too move the cursor for 3 seconds it was unresponsive. Even so i will keep to this partition and format the old one. I brought this memory on AV forums (OCZ). It does look like a RAM problem. I'll have to try mem test or test it by using the utillity on my linux disk.
  4. Kaspersky seems to be the problem i dont know why because firewall settings allow. Ive reinstalled mcafee and everything seems ok. Kaspersky was free software through a service i was using and when i ran windows update mouse glitch dissapeared. I know now why people wanna go to apple. Although if macs were more popular the same problems would apply.
  5. if your RAM have Error / Bad must need contact support vendor . error / Bad RAM cause Coruption file. replace new RAM check with memtes86+ if finished no error install again your OS + Software
  6. Yeah ive tested now with memtest86 100% no errors. Memory running at 1066mhz 7-7-7-20 timings. A software problem causing problems steam and kaspersky 2011 not liking each other at the moment.
  7. hmmm... let me think,
    M4A785TD-M EVO use AMD 785G / SB710 Chipset ( HD4200 VGA onboard ).. it cause crash with VGA add on NVIDA... fix it!
    1. disabled Internal graphic mode
    2. increase SP voltage don't auto, increase too VDDNB
    3. go safe mode unistall driver Chipset mobo it cause reboot & un install NVDIA driver
    6. see hardware manager scan new driver , we must install manual don't auto from CD, just give CD if system Ask driver
    7. good luck
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