Ati problem

i recently purchased a xfx 4850 512mb vid card

i constantly got this error than vpu recover has reset your graphics in win xp

i am currently using windows 7 64bit and have the latest drivers installed and have done a mild oc of 660/1033 but when i play far cry2 the game after an hour or so just exits on its own or hangs and then shows me an error that drivers have stopped responding.

its driving me nuts how do i resolve this problem??
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  1. First, if youve got problems, stop ocing. Check your temps. Also, make sure your psu is adequate. A 4850 type rig, you should have bare minimum 30 amps on your 12v rails
  2. +1^

    I used to get the same problem when ocing my sapphire 4850, though it was a bit higher than yours( 690/1060). I reduced the oc and problem went away, although I also noticed that running Folding@home would cause the same issue even on default clocks.
  3. ok here is my config

    phenom II 940
    corsair vx550
    gigabyte ga-ma790gp-ud4h
    cm690 case with 2 intake and 3 exhaust

    i doesnt only happen when i play games

    just now the screen froze for two seconds and gave me a message ati device driver has stopped has responding and has successfully recovered

    i have put the clocks at default lets see what happens

    any other suggestions?
  4. oh btw i currently have a stock cooler on my phenom but am planning to get a after market cooler. was thinking about the sunbeam core contact freezer.

    my cpu runs really hot

    idles at around 51c and on load goes upto 58c

    ambient is around 33c

    will i get any improvement with the aftermarket cooler?
  5. Yes to the cooler.
    How bout your gfx card? Is it getting hot? Also, have you changed drivers lately? Is all your connects secure? Check those as well. Only other thing is psu, tho youve got a good one, it too couldve somehow gone bad. Temps for gpu first tho
  6. 51c idle on CPU?? Definitely need to check GPU temp as well.
  7. no gpu idles at 46c and on full load goes to a amx of 61-63c which is quite acceptable i think.

    all the connects are triple checked by me and its a brand new pc just two weeks old!

    and will the ocz vendetta 2 be a better option to the sunbeam core contact freezer?
  8. oh i guess you guys overlooked my room temp is always above 30c goes to a max of 35c
  9. yeah i put it back to default clocks and now things are running smooth but only far cry 2 gives me problems the game after 1-1.5 hours suddenly exits!!!

    and which cooler should i get??
  10. guys which one??? im leaning towards the ocz!
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