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Hey everyone,

I just got a new motherboard, (the TP45 HP) by biostar and a q6600 running windows vista ultimate 64 bit. But i am having trouble with my 8800GTS which isnt detected by the system. But i am able to see and use vista but when i go into device manager, it says that the graphics card is a Standard VGA Graphics adapter and it dosnt let me see the clocks or memory capacity. Also, when i do a system rating it says the Graphics has a rating of 1.0 and nothing more. Which is really odd scince before this new motherboard and processor, the rating was 5.9. I really cant figure out a solution and I need help and it would be greatly apreciated.

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  1. Go to this link... Download and Install the drivers for you graphics card.
  2. Install your motherboard drivers...
  3. also going into Bios and make sure your main graphics adapter is set to PCIE or PEG
  4. Yeah, you need to use whql certified drivers. It's a "Security" measure, but I think it's more of a pain than anything. Well you can install non whql certified drivers in 64-bit Vista, but that's a big pain too ^_^.
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