Help in finalizing an LCD monitor purchase

I can't decide between a samsung 933SN and a samsung 943NWX. Please help

I've been told that the 943nwx is of greater quality even with the lesser 8000:1 contrast ratio compared to the 933 ns 15,000:1 both. "DC"

SAMSUNG 933SN: 137$

SAMSUNG 943NWX: 177$

note: the difference in price isn't a problem, i just need to know wich is better.

Thank you in advance everybody,
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  1. 943NWX, if you want to buy from your list, but if I were you I ould buy a T190
  2. when u tell me which is best can you please indicate why so.
    Thank you for your reply
  3. What will you be using this for? (gaming, work, or just regular use)
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