Intel Q6600 system, temperature problems

Hey everyone. I got this problems, and it has temperature problems.

CPU: Intel Q6600 - going on factory default, 2.4ghz
Mainboard: Asus P5QL-SE
RAM: Geil 6400 2x2GB
VGA:Sapphire Radeon Toxic HD4850 512MB DDR3
PSU: Coolermaster RS-620 Realpower
Case:Coolermaster RC-532 Centurion

The PC is going well, has no problems basically at all except the temperature. On Idle it has about 46 celsius degrees CPU and Mainboard. Using everything except games, will make the CPU and Mobo go about 50degrees. Now the games, usually the mobo was around 55 and cpu max 60, but today I saw a framerate dropping down to 3-4fps in my game, and I instantly checked the degrees. CPU was 68-69, and mobo was 61. My questions are, what are the optimal and the dangerous temperatures for my system.
The CPU has the original factory cooler, and its not overclocked at all. Also, can anyone tell me, where is the temperature sensor located for the Mainboard? Is the mobo C degree = the chipset C degree?
The mobo has a cooler under the HDD, it is connected to the mainboard jumper, but its not going, the fun is, that it was going some days ago, now it doesnt. Before it started to go, I enabled in the bios the Q-fan, thought its that. The cooler started, but then I realised Q-fan is not this, its just lowers the rpm of the cpu cooler. I disabled it, the case cooler was still going and then some days after, it stopped again. any ideas what is with it? Note that the room temperature is above 30degrees, I'm in Greece now. The CPU cooler is about 2.8k-3k rpm. Is there a way to make it go faster? If you have any opinions, maybe about buying a new cooler, heatsink anything, or is the PC temperature just fine, please leave a reply here.
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  1. Given that your room temperature is high, your temps are normal. If it gets too warm, the CPU throttles and if need be, it shuts down. Why don't you use an air conditioner to keep the room cooler? If you can't or don't want to, then you could get a better CPU cooler and you could also add a small fan to cool the northbridge.
  2. I would reccomend buying water cooling its really effective check since you are greek
  3. well u should increase ur ventilation system (more fans) @ first, second don't use the intel stock cooler @ all and believe me the quad core cpu's r hot starting from urs even to my new I7 but am using the V1 Cooler so its good about the board well if ur cpu temperature is increased then the board temps well increased too but u can solve it if u open up the side door or go for a Full Tower Chassis p.s ASUS is well known in law temps Boards enjoy it t.c bye bye.
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