Do i lose my RAID if I change HDD ports


I need to change my two RAID drives to different SATA ports on my board. Do I lose the RAID by doing that? This is my first such experience
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  1. No. The RAID volumes are tied to the HDDs, not the SATA ports.
  2. Very good. Now, do I lose data on a RAID 0 by updating the BIOS? I have lost my OS on RAID 0 drives. I know I know, stupid. It would not boot no matter how much I worked on it due to NTLDR missing and other missing OS files.

    I now have a 3rd HDD installed which is running the OS, while the two RAID 0 drives are left untouched. However, I cannot run them in RAID mode due to an old BIOS on my ASUS board. A new BIOS will allow the drives to run RAID 0, while the OS drive is running. Right now, that cannot happen. The board will only run all drives in RAID mode or IDE mode. The 3rd HDD cannot run in RAID, only IDE. So I'm left with two RAID 0 drives that can't run while the OS is running. What can I do so that I can access the RAID? I think the data on them is fine, it was just the OS that messed up. Both drives are seen as healty, and the RAID is healthy as well.
  3. Can anyone comment on the above scenario?
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