Overclocking phenom x6 1055t with 800mhz ddr2 ram

ok so heres the deal i have an asus m2n68-cm board with a amd 64 x2 5600 2.9ghz dual core cpu with 8gb of ddr2 kingston ram.i already checked and my board does support the 1055t x6 processor with a bios question is would i be able to get the phenom x6 to 4ghz with this board and ram?if not how high would i be able to get it?what settings would i need to use? im new to overclocking but not with computers. also buying new ram or board is not an option this is meant to be a bang for the buck upgrade so ur help and wisdom is apreciated
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  1. it is best to contact regarding processor support and necessary BIOS revisions. Your system doesn't Support Phenom II
    For best Choice is Upgrade your Mobo min 790GX or new 890GX/FX , Phenom II very worth with DDR3
  2. you dont need to buy new ram thats a lot of money i do recommend buying a new board( this one supports ddr2 ram also...but if you dont want to buy a new board...your set-up well be fine..but your asking if you can overclock it to 4.0GHZ well your boards fsb may not be able to go up that high (286mhz) you can try that now if you like turn your processor multplayer down to the lowest with your ram and your north-bridge@HT..
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    According to ASUS, your board "does support" the x6 CPU's with BIOS 0804

    However if you decide to go with the 1055 getting to @4.0 probably won't happen. Having the multiplier locked-down means you will be clocking via the FSB. As you increase the frequency (ie... from a base clock of @200 to let's say to...@220) you are increasing the speed of other components as well, which can/will limit CPU speed.

    If you can, go for the 1090. Having an unlocked multiplier should make it way easier to get to @4.0 And it looks like prices are dropping, if it where me I'd keep watching to see what happens in the next couple of weeks as X-mas sales are on the horizon.
  4. thanx i got the 1090t and a coolermaster hyper 212.u guys were right unlocked multiplier got me 4ghz in a breeze.evrything is rock solid and loving the fact that my computer doesnt freeze anymore wen more then 1 aplication is open
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  6. Glad it worked out for you!!

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