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Is WD blue 32 mb ok for OS & home usage?
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  1. sounds good, im not sure but i believe the black has more performance
  2. Performance in downward order: black, blue, green. For home use, if you are not a serious gamer, a WD Blue is fine. Outside of drive benchmarks, you will never notice any difference.
  3. If you can think outside the WD perspective then the Samsung spinpoint F3 drives are quite fast.. Also, they do not have any confusing color naming schemes..
  4. Blue is basically average speed. Black is a little faster, Green is a little slower but a little more energy efficient and probably quieter.

    In reality though you really shouldn't worry too much about the differences, for most users they just wont notice.

    The difference between 5400rpm, 7200rpm, 10000rpm, and SSD speeds however is much more noticable.
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