Which PSU?

I have a pretty good idea of how a computer works... CPU, GPU, RAM, etc, and how they all fit together. Admittedly though, I am clueless when it comes to PSU's..

Looking at these two combo deals...




They are both the same price... both are reputable companies (though my understanding is Corsair PSU's tend to be some of the best)

The CM offers 50 more watts, but i know watts isn't everything, it has to do with the rail... but, they both only offer 1 rail... so, i'm not only confused as to the information before me, but i don't really even know how to read it.

Both of these PSU's say they are designed for SLI, which is actually not what i would be using them for, but i would take advantage of the 2 6-pin slots ideally. ((either with a gtx 260, 270 or a ati4870) <-- that decision will come a couple paychecks later))

Athlon 5600 OC (depending on the day) to 3.0 - 3.4
Currently MSI 9600 (but as stated above, this may change)
4gig ram
asus m2n-e
2 wd 320gig hdd's
lots and lots of fans....as many as would ideally fit in that cm 690
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  1. Get the one with the corsair PSU. The corsair has 52A on the 12V+ while the cooler master has 50A. Every Corsair PSU's are of good quality and the only coolermaster PSU worth getting is the Ultimate Edition.
  2. yeah i havent really heard good things about coolermaster PSUs, Go corsair, I just upgraded to a 750tx and I love it, quiet and beastly

    and honestly c'mon the coolermaster wouldnt come with the velvety bag hahahaa
  3. LOL maybe i should start a new thread... "What would you do with a velvet bag?"
  4. that would be interesting to see what people have done with them.
    My bag is currently holding the jagged metal pieces i cut out of the bottom of my Antec 900. I have thought of filling the corsair bag with other smaller crown royal miniature velvet bags, because darn it those crown royal bags are too nice to throw away, but I have nowhere to put them
  5. I'm running i7 920 @ 3.6 - 3.8. 2 gtx260's sli blah blah blah and I running them with a Corsair tx850. It's stable, quiet, and efficent. I love it. But if I had to do it over again I would of bought the modular version (the HX series).

    And I put my teeth in my velvet bag at night and when I wake up POOF there's a 4 pin molex y cable inside!!!
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I figured Corsair would be the route to take.

    Klon, can i barrow your bag and wish for a gtx275?
  7. You can borrow it but the closest thing you're gonna get is a VGA to dvi dongle.
  8. hmm... well... maybe i will wish for a molex instead like you did, those are more useful anyway
  9. Ok wait... so, i still don't really know how to read the PSU.

    I understand that you have these things called rails, and the rails are sort of like the power supply line. You have amps on the rail, which is the amount of power they are pushing. IE, the corsair above is 52. And your compontents take a certain amount of amps.... <-- ok sorry for the 4 year old review there...

    Would it be within my best interest to look for a PSU that has multiple rails? What is the benefit of multiple rails? If one PSU offers say 1, 50a rail and another PSU offers 2, 25a rails, is that better? Sorry this may sound dumb but i don't know wtf i'm doing when it comes to these.
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