Overclocking memory clock to match RAM speed on integrated GPU?

Hello, so I have a HP Pavillion M7750n desktop pc with NVDIA Geforce 6150LE/nForce 430 Chipset on a A8M2N-LA (NodusM3)motherboard. I have decided to overclock it to squeeze more performance out of it. After seeing no settings to increase gpu clock speed in BIOS (I'm not suprised as my PC is OEM), I decided to use software GPU overclocking with the EVGA Precision overclocking tool. Since the 6150LE has factory clock speeds of Core: 425mhz and Memory clock: same as System RAM speed, I decided to overlclock the core clock to 467 mhz, and after many stress tests/temperature monitoring, it is stable. I have seen a performance gain with the overlclock. However, I was wondering if I should overclock the GPU'S memory clock as well. Currently, it is running at 532 mhz, which makes sense as integrated GPUs run off System RAM and my RAM is DDR2-SDRAM (PC2-4200 / PC2-4300 / 533 MHz - 266 MHz x 2), so I was wondering if overlclocking the Memory clock in EVGA Percision would make any difference to the performance of the intergrated graphics card, as wouldnt the system RAM speed limit of 533 MHz bottleneck it, since it uses memory from System RAM? Thanks!
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