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I'm always leary about overclocking, but my curiousity usually gets the best of me. I just started tinkering with oc'ing my i7 860 and wanted to post my results and temps to see what you guys think. All I did really was bump my vcore to 1.2 and set my BLCK to 160.I also set my memory multiplier to 10 that way I can keep it at 1600. Everything else is set on auto in bios. At first I ran 5 threads on IBT @max and it passed. It also passed, without errors, Prime 95's Blend test for an hour. Also, what is the max QPI frequency of this cpu. My is at 5961 (36x).

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  1. At the very least could someone tell me whether my temps are ok maxed out at 75c on IBT run
  2. 75c is allrite. defenitly dont want to go past 80c. what cooler are you using?? ive had my i7 860 oced higher than that with max temps closer to 60-65c.
  3. I have a Thermalright Ultra Extreme. When I ran the test I had a POS Coolermaster fan on the heatsink. I have since bought a new fan an it brought my idle temps down 3-4*C across the board. Haven't had the time to test a futher yet. One thing I'm sure is contributing to the higher temps is the cpu's IHS. I think it has a higher corner on it. The last time I removed the heatsink you could tell where the IHS was digging into my True 120.
  4. I finally had a chance to run Prime95 and with the new fan my temps never hit 65 after 6+ hrs of running it. I bought 2 of these , put one on my heatsink and one as an exhaust they seem to have done the trick. Thinking of getting 2 or three more to replace the rest of the fans in my CM 690II.
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