Where can i still buy S939 dual core Opterons/A64s?

Hi guys, I've recently upgraded from a s939 vennie to a i7 nehalem (can't they use better names...., and i love the "new" QPI lol, its just like OCing the vinnie :D ) and the old system is being refurbished for my mom (her P IV 1.4 william system isn't doing that good) and I wanted to take this opportunity to upgrade the PCU to a dual core one.

Issue is, short of ebay, I can't seem to find any store within canada (online or retail) or ships to canada that still carry these items (used or new in box) and was wondering if anyone knew a place where they sell certified (ala say 30 day guaranteed) s939 dual core CPUs, the mobo is a DFI lanparty UT nF4 ultra-D, and should take any of them no problem (i will perform a bios update before upgrading it). The cpu don't need to come with a HSF, since I have a SI-120 sitting on top of the current vinnie and is going to be reused.

I would love if the price is within 70 dollars (the prices of recent actual ebay sales) and shipping be within 10 dollars. But can be more if needed.

Also, this is to look for a retail/warehouse seller, unless you are an established member on this forum and can prove that the thing works, no personal sells/trades.

Mods please move this if this is not a good place for this thread.

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  1. Full system specs in the signature (or I hope since they migrated this info from the old forum, and I've just updated it)

    they both got loads of legacy tech. for sale.
  3. Both of those sites don't have dual core s939s when I just looked. Is this a pointless upgrade (both in terms of power gained and in terms of where the heck to get one besides ebay?)
  4. 939 CPU's are rare and expensive.

    The only sure place to find them would be ebay, but they are VERY expensive.

    I bought an Athlon 64 X2 4600+ sometime in late 2007 and it was hard to find then. I have not personally seen a 939 cpu since summer 2008 anywhere other than swap shops or ebay (certainly not an unused one anyway).

    It is such rare and dated tech by now you'd be hard pressed to find something useful on ebay for any less than a new AM3 motherboard and a Phenom II would cost anyway.

    As far as what you will get out of the upgrade, you can get alot more performacne out of a 4600+ or 4800+ than your 3200.. but not anywhere close in bang for buck as something current and on sale :D.
  5. Youll see decent returns on perf, its price and availability where youre going to have major problems
  6. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    Youll see decent returns on perf, its price and availability where youre going to have major problems

    Well this is my mom eh, I mean she dosen't game and the only thing is web browsing and mindsweeper...

    I thought it may help, but if its this hard then maybe not then, since ebay = not guaranteed unless its a shop set up with ebay.
  7. This may or may not be an option for you... probably not... but, in case it might be...

    Depending on where you live in Canada (near BC) there are these two shops in Seattle, RE-PC, they sell used and tested everything. I was able to pick up a 939 single core 3000+ and a 3200+ for 30 bucks and 40 bucks respectively. They both work fine (as to my knowledge). So yeah... if you live near like Delta or Vancouver, then that may help... you could always call them, maybe work out some kind of shipping thing...

    Best of luck to you
  8. meh looking at the sites already listed in this thread, i don't think my suggestion will help much. Sorry man.
  9. Dang, do you know if the Vancouver shops ships to Ontario lol? I mean I checked out Re-PC and their ebay store carried CPUS slightly older than the s939 lol.

    Nvm, I just emailed them and is waiting on reply.
  10. Socket 939 was discontinued many years ago. There are no longer new chips produced to be had unless they are 'leftover'. Rarely an OEM single core will show up, but, have not seen retail X2's for a good while. Tiger Direct had a single retail Opteron for sale maybe 6-8 months ago. Someone already mentioned Even there, no X2 I know of has been listed for at least a year.
  11. I built my sister an S939 system using the AMD Athlon 3200+.

    I have found that the system is very respnsive. There is no need for a faster CPU.

    I would save your money and get her an SSD in another year when prices drop.

    People that need basic computing are usually limited by two things: RAM and the hard drive.

    XP should have at least 1GB. Vista should have at least 1.5GB.

    If the hard drive is quite old, a newer hard drive might be nice.

    2GB and a new SSD would make any S939 system run great for basic computing.
  12. I would have to agree with photonboy... not to discourage you from your original post but if all she plans on doing is web surfing and minesweep a single core 939 would be fine. With a good amount of RAM and a HDD she won't be able to fill then i would think it is fine. I was able to run Fallout 3 on a socket 939, 3200+, 2 gig of ram and a 6600gt... not great but fine... so i would be willing to bet it would handle minesweeper like a champ =D
  13. i have a 939 dual core but it stays with me until it decides not to work anymore. that thing holds its own to this day if i would bother firing it up.
  14. Currently using three socket 939 systems every day.


    Amongst the fastest single cores released. The X2 is a good multitasker. Socket 939 introduced NF4, the first SLI capable chipset. The 4800X2, the very first dual core desktop processor released. My three systems are much more capable than my two Pentiun D's and a socket 478 single core northwood. So, sure nothing wrong with having a 939 around. I have several socket 754's running too. One is the socket 754 AMD 64 3700 which is the top chip produced for the socket. My systems are still computing away every day.

    EDIT. I think 90 odd % of every retail s939 processor ever sold is out of warranty by now. No need to make a few replacement OEM's any 'mo.
  15. hehe yea i actually have a 754 board with a turion 64 in it. dont ask... it is one of those things you throw together as a joke and its practically indesctructable!
  16. Have three socket 754's running I use every day.

    AMD 64 3700 ABIT NF3
    AMD 64 3400 Clawhammer ASUS NF3
    AMD 64 3400 Newcastle EPOX NF4 SLI (rare)

    I work on these all te time LOL. I'm using the 939 4800 X2 right now. Piping in digital satellite feed at work from my home currently. Using two 8600GT's on an ASUS A8n32-SLI. I was on the 754 3400 Clawhammer earlier doin the same thing. Awe well. Can't wait to get home and fire up the good stuff ;)
  17. just a reminder that it wasnt that long ago that Intel had crap by comparison. i have to give them the upper hand at the moment but it isnt night and day thats for sure.
  18. Yeah that's right. Intel's persistence and need for advancement with thier mobile technology at that time caused the C2D desktop CPU which replaced a P4, Pentium D line that was trounced by AMD 64. My AMD PII 940 45nm at 3.6GHz. compares with my C2Q 45nm 9450 at 3Ghz. My Pentium D's beat my Athlon 3200 socket A at multitasking though... :lol:
  19. I have that too.
  20. Best answer

    Cheapest I can find a socket 939 that isn't used. However for that price you might as well pick up a new motherboard/ram/Phenom II.
  21. loneninja said:

    Cheapest I can find a socket 939 that isn't used. However for that price you might as well pick up a new motherboard/ram/Phenom II.

    Wow lol that one isn't something I'd do rofl... I can build a whole new atom based or even Ion based system for that much cash...

    Guess no upgrades needed then, the thing (if you saw in my sig from above) was a gamer's PC, I had OCZ PC4000 2gb platinum low lat on that thing that will trump most ram at the time (except dominators or something that costs twice its cost). And the HDD will be some segate 320 GB (.9 i think) and that's plenty of space compared to her current rig that has 60 (still enough for her, not like she has a ton of pictures or something).

    Alright guys, hopefully this old rig would serve her well, as it did for me over the years (it can game crysis warhead on the medium setting in 1290*1024 rofl....)
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