Laptop t3400 and virtual machine can it be done for gaming

yes i was wondering could you buy a low end computer and set it up as a virtual machine so it could use the power of my main desktop computer over the LAN network and play online video games like warhammer, or WoW. im on a tight budget and dont really want to foot the bill of a 750dollar laptop but i have found deals for about 400 for laptops with t3400 processor with 4500ghd intagrated graphics.

my desktop that i would virtual machine it to for when i play video games on the laptop like on the porch ect. well my desktop is a core i7 920 with a 9800GTX+ graphics card. would virtual maching it makeing a second partition on the laptop for when i want to boot in virtual machine to play a video game on my porch. can this be done? is it hard or to complex? would i have real bad game play or lag. if i left out any information please let me know

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  1. I think your best bet is to install remote control software on your laptop and use that to run your desktop while you're lounging around or something. You're basically looking for a Virtual Network Computing application, the most-known of which is RealVNC. I'm not entirely sure if this is a paid or free app, and you can just Google "VNC" for alternatives. Good luck, and keep us updated! Maybe you can also post the results of your little experiment? :D
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