Mcp600 making more noise then before

I got a swiftech mcp600 pump about a week ago and when i got it there was almost no noise at all but in the last couple days its been getting louder and im wondering if i should open it to see if something is clogging it or something. I already confirmed its the second revision with the fixed bearings. Im wondering if anyone here has had this problem and if they know what to do to fix it becuase this thing is going to drive me crazy if it stays this loud.
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  1. I'd day it sounds like it could be failing. How is your loop setup? Where is the pump actually located, physically in your case?

    I'd drain the loop and pull the pump housing apart to see if there is anything in there. Also, depending on where it sits in your case, if it is mounted high, could be air in it...but most mount those pumps fairly low in the case.
  2. The pump is on the bottom. Im getting some new stuff for the loop soon so i have to drain it anyway so ill just check it out when i do that. Thanks
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