What brand memory do you use?

Hi people, me again. This time we will find what is the most used brand of RAM, we don't care if your memory is DDR2 or DDR3, just vote for the brand.

If you use another brand that aren't in the list, tell us which it's.
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  1. 2 systems - Crucial
    1 system - Patriot
  2. G.Skill all the way!! WOO! Most stable memory I have ever used, currently have mine at 1834mhz, I can put them up the 2100mhz but then It gets hotter than I'd like.
  3. I chose Kingston because I needed DDR3 ECC RAM and that's what I could find locally.
  4. 4GB Crucial 800mhz
  5. Have had good success using Patriot for RAM upgrades and recently used Corsair XMS2 (I think that's right) in my new build. Very happy so far!

    Also used Kingston "system specific" memory to upgrade one Dell Dimension and although I can't say much about the speed, it's worked perfectly with no problems for over a year now.

    I just ran into a problem with a set of DDR 184-pin G.Skill the other day. Value series to be sure, but the info on NewEgg and even on the outside of the package indicates 2.5V, but the actual sticks are labeled 2.6V-2.75V. System boots, runs most Aps OK, but no luck with Photoshop (program fails to initialize)! Have to return/exchange. My first experience with G.Skill and sadly, probably my last as well.
  6. Used OCZ in a previous build, it was excellent!
    Then tried Crucial - which was a worthless piece of s**t and went back to the original OCZ
    Then switched to g.skill, and it's stable, and reliable and I am 100% satisfied.
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