Can u have too high of a airflow rating over a RAD

Does anyone happen to know the max flow-through rate of the H70's RAD?

Okay so my H70 just arrived. Finished lapping today etc. but before i install it im curious.. I have two "Scythe DFS123812-3000 "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan" ~-~ ~-~ and was planning on placing them on the side-panels, but im curious. Being that the Scythe Ultra Kaze is rated at over double (~133.6 Cfm) the flow rate of the stock (~50.3-60.2) would that produce any sort of an excessive power resistance shortening fan-life?
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  1. Anyone got any info on tests etc done for the airflow capacity on the h70? search engines and newegg reviews still pulling nothing I know of yet.
  2. I do not think that would harm it.
  3. the H70 comes with a thicker radiator compared to H50... so the ultra kaze should suit them fine... provided you are ok with jets taking off all the time...
  4. Ya sound is not a concern for im using a set of surprisingly decent headphones ( ) at all time less watching movies. Second question of sorts. are there any high flow fans that have a blue LED that would match the CM 692?
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    The H70 has a dense fin placement, so you'd need high CFM fans to benefit it anyway. The XSPC Rasa kit is much better for the price range, and more of an entry level watercooling kit; H70 is an overpriced cooler and performs on par with good air coolers costing 1/2 the price.
  6. I am disappointed in people buying the H50/H70 kits, but it is their decision to make. I just wish people would boycott them, forcing Corsair to drop them or at very least, redesign them into a better product.

    Corsair has had some OK watercooling kits in the past, similar to some of the entry level Swiftech kits...I don't even know if they do that anymore.
  7. The main approach for me, even tho its of and inexperienced nature with newer hardware was to get a kit that would easily be assembled and left as is till sandy-bridge is out and prices have dropped so 12-18 months all be upgrading again for cpu-mobo. I picked the corsair self contained kit mostly due to its absolute simplicity for i have 0 experience working in water cooling around electronics and did not wish to build a water kit from the ground up. Granted, i did see a T-Virus, custom made reservoir of late which has greatly inspired me and it has definitely captivated my attention for longterm goal of a build.
  8. If you can build your own PC, you can build a watercooling loop with great's not rocket science, but it does require research to determine your own best solution for your given budget.
  9. Makes sense, last time i assisted in building a liquid kit was in 07' and i just remember having to re-mill alota parts *granted 3 yrs ago* and i figured blindly that thus was still a nessicary practice.
  10. Remilling parts? I never had to mill parts back in 2001-ish.
  11. the kit he had bought stated on the site and via the CSR that the part was able to be mounted on LGA775 and 3 RMA's in a row the block was not producing an adequate seal due to misshapen retention plate and also a misshapen block. .

    Supposedly the two were intended for different kits and was never sorted out.
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